October 2010

Bad Downloads: Creepy Doll, Stretchy Sims, And More

Custom content is one of the great boons to the Sims games, but it has also traditionally been a source of headaches.  This seems to be less the case with Sims 3 custom content, which as a whole - as far as I have heard - hasn't caused as severe problems as custom content for the first two games.  Some of which could literally destroy your game by accident!

One problem I have heard about repeatedly is caused by "sticky" custom content.  This is CC which in some way oversteps its boundaries. 

One such incident involved the "creepy doll," and was responsible for shutting down the Sims 3 Exchange for several days before they sorted it out.  The "creepy doll" was a perfectly innocent download which was created by an upstanding member of the modding community.

TestingCheatsEnabled: The Best Cheat

There are a lot of Sims 3 cheat codes available.  Some are more useful than others.  But the undisputed champ of cheat codes is TestingCheatsEnabled.

TestingCheatsEnabled was created for the Sims 2 and Sims 3 developers to have access to a lot of "secret" menu items and powerful commands.  In other words, TestingCheatsEnabled was never meant for public consumption. 

It is VERY easy to screw things up beyond repair!  Therefore, be extremely careful when you are using this cheat.  I recommend that you turn it off when you are not actively using it, so that you don't accidentally do a Bad Thing simply through not paying attention.

It may be overstating the case to suggest that you back up all your game files before using TestingCheatsEnabled.  But you get the picture: use caution!