November 2010

New Sims 3 Late Night Lifetime Rewards

The Late Night expansion pack is somewhat lacking in Traits (I think there are only 2 new ones, one of which is "Shy" and what's the point of that?) but it really makes up for this in Lifetime Rewards.  There are a total of eight new Lifetime Rewards, and overall they are surprisingly useful.

The Hustler, 5,000 points
This one is pretty weak, as befits a LTR of only 5,000 points.  One of my Sims had a constant wish to "Win X games of chess," though, so this would have been a useful reward for him. 

In other words, this is a reward which mainly helps you earn happy points so that you can get better rewards.  How meta.

Watering Hole Regular, 7,500 points
This gives you a discount when you buy food or drinks at a bar.  Useful if you have a Sim on a strict budget.  Combine it with Bookshop Bargainer, Complementary Entertainment, and No Bills Ever, and your Sim can live practically for free!

Three Notes on Sims 3 Vampires

I was a little skeptical of vampires in the Late Night expansion pack at first.  I had some really bad experiences with vampirism in The Sims 2!  But they have made four significant changes to vampires for Sims 3.

1.    No Non-Consensual Vampirism
All the sources and forums that I have read so far agree: your Sim will only be turned into a vampire if they ask nicely. 

This is a huge change, and a very welcome one!  In Sims 2 I once had the sole heir to my generational challenge get attacked by a vampire when he went shopping downtown.  (I literally screamed "Get off him!!!" at my computer.)

I also had a situation where the on-site manager at the gaming hidden rewards clubhouse was a vampire.  This meant that I could never visit there again, because I was worried about my Sims being attacked and turned into vampires.  What a pain!

Night Life: The Celebrity System

The new Night Life expansion pack has several different aspects (not just vampires!) that I wanted to explore one at a time.  I chose the Celebrity system to play with first, since my Sims were almost immediately smitten by a local celebrity the instant they ventured out of the house.

With Night Life installed, your Sims are now on a five-star system.  A regular schmuck with no celebrity status is zero stars (that's most Sims).  A one-star Sim is at the bottom rung of the Celebrity system, which goes all the way up to five stars.

In order to get that first star, you have to impress a Celebrity.  I assume a one-star celebrity is easier to impress than a five-star celebrity, so hunt down a minor celeb and start impressing.  This is much the same as pitching romance or befriending a Sim: keep trying interactions until the other party gives in.

The "Black Light" Update

You may have noticed that a pretty big update got pushed to your game recently.  (Although the update itself is dated 10/26, I didn't get prompted for it until 11/8 or thereabouts.  Maybe their servers have been super busy, what with all the millions of players having to download the update?)

In addition to your basic gameplay and stability issues, this update has introduced some interesting new stuff.  This update gives some new functionality to the base game, even if you don't have Late Night installed yet.  (I haven't had a chance to pick up that expansion pack, myself.)

The first thing I noticed is that it seems that my Sim is a Taurus!  All Sims have been given an astrological sign.  And you can assign a sign to a Sim when you build them in Create-A-Sim (CAS).


After not playing my sims 3 game for about two months, with expanison pack high end loft stuff, I go to play it and it says The Sims 3 is incompatible with expansion packs, which is so random. and it asked me if i would like to update the game. i chose yes, but nothing would happen, the game launcher would just be blank and i couldnt click on anything. so i tried a lot of stuff to fix it, with no prevail. so i finally decided to uninstall/reinstall which is how i found this site. i decided to look up how to backup saved games from sims 3 after i already tried to backup my old files and it didnt work, so i lost all my saved games....... SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!