December 2010

Glowy Butterflies: Another Elusive Sims 3 Collectible

I'm doing the Crazy 8s challenge from Carl's Sims Site, and so far the only remaining item which is defeating me is the Glowy butterfly from France. 

Glowy butterflies can spawn anywhere, just like all the other collectibles.  In fact, I read one report somewhere from someone who had captured a Glowy butterfly at the frog pond in France!  This pond is surrounded by about a dozen spawn points, and one of them just happened to cough up a Glowy butterfly.

(Note that I have heard a few people say that they found it "at night."  Does this butterfly only spawn at night?  Not sure, but it's worth remembering!)

Mummitomium: How To Find It

Mummitomium is found exclusively in Egypt.  (Obviously, you need the World Adventures expansion pack in order to collect it.)  Several challenges online require that you get some quantity of Mummitomium, and two smelted ingots are required to complete one of the in-world Adventures as well.  But where can you find it?

1.  Buy It

As one of the rarest of elements, Mummitomium can be extremely frustrating to track down.  My first suggestion is, if you have the money, try buying it from the Relics Store in the middle of town. 

The Relics Merchant will have several minerals for sale at any given time.  Typically if you scroll down to the bottom of the Buy window (it's sorted by price) you will find some quantity of Mummitomium for sale.  Each lump of raw ore costs over $1,000 Simoleons, so budget accordingly!

Collecting in Sims 3: A Master Class

If you have been playing Sims 3 for very long, you have no doubt tried your hand at collecting things.  The first advice I have for you is: save up your Lifetime Happiness points for the Collection Helper.  I'm sure it's possible to collect things without the Collection Helper, but why would you want to?

The basics of collecting are simple.  You go out and find things.  You keep them, display them, or sell them.  But there are a lot of finer points which it can be helpful to learn.

When you hear hard-core Sims players talking about "spawn points," they mean those little seed areas where collectibles appear.  Spawn points are fixed (and in fact there are ways you can stick them on your lot with cheats).  However, not all spawn points spawn equally.

Transfiguration: Your Key To Big Shiny Things

Transfiguration is one of the more interesting facets of the game, which was introduced with World Adventures.  Using the Carter display case (which you can find in Buy Mode -> Flat Surfaces -> Display Cases) you can turn gems, metals, and a few other kinds of things into other stuff.

The best display case for this is the Carter XL.  It costs more, but you only need to set 8 items on it in order to Transfigure them.  The small Carter display case will Transfigure, too, but you have to set 10 items on it.  It's worth the money to get the larger version.

Set 8 things on your display case, then click on the case and select "Irreversible Transfigurification."  For $500 your 8 items will disappear, there will be a rumble of machinery and flickering blue electricity zaps, and then you will be presented with the end result.