March 2011

The Omni Plant: Its Habits and Cultivation

The Omni Plant is arguably the best plant you can grow in The Sims 3. (Some might say that this honor belongs to the Money Tree - which is pretty awesome, and easier to get. I understand this point of view, but the Omni Plant is still pretty darned cool.)

Unfortunately, the Omni Plant is also virtually impossible to obtain. This makes it one of the most frustrating challenges in The Sims 3, which is perhaps only fitting.

What is an Omni Plant?

The Omni Plant is an upright vine (like tomatoes and bell peppers). What does an Omni Plant grow? Put simply: it grows whatever you feed it.

Sims 3 France: Eiffel Tower and Special Fruits

If you have the World Adventures expansion pack, you have no doubt encountered two mysteries in France:

1.    Where is the Eiffel Tower?
2.    Where can I find special fruit?

In the Case of the Missing Eiffel Tower, it's an understandable question. The tower graces all of the marketing materials for World Adventures, including graphics on the website, on the DVD case for the game itself, and on the loading screen when your Sim is travelling there.

So where is the Eiffel Tower in Champs Les Sims? Don't go looking for it - it isn't there.

But you can add it! Through the magic of cheats!

Chase You Down Until You Love Me / Pa-Pa-Paparazzi

If you have the Night Life expansion pack, then chances are good that you are already sick of the paparazzi. Night Life introduced the star system, which lets your Sims get famous from zero (a nobody) to five stars (a household name). Unfortunately, it also includes paparazzi!

The star system includes a lot of perks:

Access to exclusive clubs and VIP rooms
In practice, this is a bit silly. The VIP areas are just like the regular areas, but harder to get into. And it's not like your Sim will get a kick out of being in there - chances are, the entire bar is empty except for the bouncer and the mixologist.