April 2011

Upcoming Sims 3 Expansion Packs

There are two more expansion packs in the works for Sims 3. (I haven't been keeping track of The Sims Medieval, because that is a stand-alone game, and I'm kind of committed to my legacy families at this point. I'd like to give it a whirl, but… fifty bucks! That's a lot of money for something I know I won't be playing regularly.

The first expansion pack is called Generations, which will be released on May 31st. Generations is all about Today's Youf. This one is promising to really open the world up for the younger life stages. Not infants, I guess - those will pretty much still continue to lie around like color-coded cigars, or larvae. But toddlers, children, and teens will all get a whole new suite of options and experiences.

8 Lessons I Learned From The Sims 3

1. Day jobs are boring and stressful.
Ain't that the truth? Even when my Sims take a job that is smack in the middle of their lifetime goals and their personal interests, they still hate it.

For example, I had a Sim who had a Lifetime Wish to become a master criminal. And she had the Kleptomaniac trait. You would think she would have been all over the Criminal career track, right? But although she advanced quickly and made a lot of money, she was miserable. The job totally stressed her out, and she was completely exhausted at the end of every day.

Sims are happier when they are living on smaller incomes from doing work that they love. Whether it's fishing, busking in the subways, sculpting, or painting (to name a few), they finish the work tired but energized.

Sims 3: The Subway System

I have to admit, I'm a little baffled by the subway system that was introduced with the Late Night expansion pack. Much like the food trucks, you cannot edit the subway stations or add more to the system. (Which is too bad, because I have a family living at the very top of Overlook Hill, and they could really use a subway station closer to their home.)

The subway is a rabbit hole, meaning that you don't get to follow your Sim inside. However, if you hover your camera nearby, you can hear various subway-like noises that always amuse me. (I am sometimes easily amused.) They function a lot like the transporter networks that you can set up, or the interconnected rabbit hole system that you can create with the Miner.

Is it time to reinstall?

So currently I own The Sims 3 and all of it's expansion and stuff packs. The game is working pretty good, but I am having a few difficulties with the game and I am comtemplating whether or not it's time to uninstall and reinstall The Sims 3?

Here are the some of the problems I am having: TS3's Game Launcher is not working, but not properly. I can't upload stuff to the Exchange. In the game, my sim pauses and can't move (or drink) when she tries to drink the Vampirism-B-Gone potion. I also can't make a SimBot. I have a one year old gaming computer with lots of space and memory and RAM. So I'm wondering if it's just the game or my computer. Or could it be bad CC?

If I do need to just uninstall and reinstall, do I just follow your directions from your post?


The Elusive Food Truck

Food trucks were introduced with the Late Night expansion pack, although only to the Bridgeport town. This seems to be by design, although it is a puzzling choice on EA's part. Certainly the Late Night expansion pack has been out long enough that, were there a patch to fix food truck limitations, you would think it would have been released by now.

A Guide to Mummies, and The Mummy's Curse

There are several ways to get cursed by a mummy with the World Adventures expansion pack, and a bewildering number of ways to remove the curse. If you don't remove the curse, your Sim will die within two weeks. Luckily this should give you time to remove the curse!

Getting the Mummy's Curse
If your Sim loses a fight with a mummy, they will either be knocked unconscious or cursed. You need to have a somewhat low athletic skill - otherwise your Sim will beat the mummy!

After your Sim has been cursed, they will get a "Mummy's Curse" negative moodlet. This moodlet lasts for 14 days, and at the end of that time, your Sim will die.

Getting a Mummy

Disappearing Sim

One of my sims turned invisable and then soon just dissappeared. Her picture in the left colomn only shows when i'm moving a sim to a new home but if i try to move her out, the game freezes and "pocesses" for hours. Does anyone know what to do?

Thanks :D

Mystery of the Dropa Stones

Dropa Stones are one of the nine collections which you can accumulate with the World Adventures expansion pack. There are six stones, each of which is about a foot across, shaped like a disc, with a hole in the middle and inscribed with mysterious symbols.

Dropa Stone of the Fleur
Dropa Stone of the Stars

Dropa Stone of the Sky
Dropa Stone of the Vortex

Dropa Stone of the Endless Sands
Dropa Stone of the Enlightened

As far as I know, the Dropa Stones don't do anything but hang out and look pretty. (And appeal to the completists out there.)

I'm familiar with the other collectible items in real life - gargoyles, figurines, and so forth. But I got to wondering the other day… what IS a Dropa Stone?

Sims 3 World Adventures: Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt is the final country in our exhaustive tour of the three worlds. And frankly, that's because it's the one I find least interesting. Although the monuments are suitably striking, the landscape (being mostly sand) is pretty boring. And I have never gotten very drawn in by the adventures themselves, which is Egypt's strong suit.

But if you are looking for adventures, tombs to raid, and mummies to kill (or be converted by), then Egypt is the place for you. A Sim can't throw a rock in Egypt without hitting a tomb!

Sims 3 World Adventures: France Travel Guide

If you have any interest in gardening, then the first place you must visit in France is the house that has all the special fruits growing in its garden. Even the ones which (in theory) grow only in China and Egypt! One quick trip to this house and you can harvest everything you need. More information can be found in this recent article.

Once you have harvested all the cool stuff, the next big thing you can do in France is make nectar. In fact, the Nectary is my favorite place to stay. It has a galley kitchen, bedrooms, and a living area, so it substitutes nicely for home base. You can also buy and drink nectar, and fair warning - whenever I leave my Sims unattended at the Nectary, that is just what they do!

You can harvest grapes from the garden in back, and apples and limes from the garden in front. Just add these to the nectar making machines, and away you go! While you are waiting for your nectar to brew, why not have a seat and read a nectar book to boost your skills?

Sims 3 World Adventures: China Travel Guide

China is one of three worlds that was introduced with the World Adventures expansion pack. The most distinctive thing Shang Simla brings to the table is the Martial Arts skill. You can buy skill books at the bookstore, and buy two Martial Arts objects (the training dummy and the board-breaking set) from the general store.

If you want your Sim to learn Martial Arts, your best bet is to first travel to the market and buy the books and equipment. Then travel to the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy and spend the entire rest of your trip there, working on the training dummy and sparring with the other Sims that will show up there to train.

The base camp in China is the worst of the three worlds. You have to run uphill for, like, three hours just in order to get there. Two better options are: