May 2011

The Deathfish: Key to Immortality

I haven't really talked about fishing as a skill, because frankly I find it pretty boring. Although on the up side, it is one of the few skills that children and teens can work on. (Kids can even fish from swimming pools!)

You can take a fishing class for $400 to start the skill, or you can just start fishing. This is not a skill that you can learn from the basic skill books. (However, there are books you can read to learn how to capture specific fish. Frankly I think these are kind of a waste of money, since your Sim eventually learns how to catch those fish on their own.)

Fishing is not a particularly productive way to make a living. But you can tell your Sim to go fishing, and they will fish until their needs drive them to cancel the action. So it has that going for it!

So Your Sim Wants To Be An Author!

Just like in real life, being a full-time writer allows your Sim a lot of flexibility of schedule, and it allows primary caregivers to work from home. But unlike real life, your Sim can quickly find themselves earning thousands of dollars a week - AND you get paid by your editor every time you submit a new chapter! (I wish!)

Writing is also the only career where you earn residual (or "passive") income. For your Sim's entire lifespan, they will earn money for their works every Sunday at noon. This is particularly great if you have a long-lived Sim, or if they start writing early. Play your cards right, and your Sim can "retire" early and live off their royalty checks for the rest of their lives!

Barnacle Bay Review

Barnacle Bay came out last September, but I haven't bothered to buy and download it until now for two reasons:

1. I didn't really understand what it was.
Now I don't like to go around making unfounded assertions. So I will just say that "It SEEMS LIKE the marketing department doesn't know the first thing about this game or how it works." Which IT SEEMS is why the marketing material is so confusing.

Part of the problem is a nomenclature issue. You and I think of Riverview and Sunset Valley as "neighborhoods." But officially they are "worlds." However, France and Egypt are worlds, too - you just can't live there. They are vacation worlds.

So it makes it super confusing when the Barnacle Bay ads use the words "world" and "vacation" interchangeably. Which is it? A world or a vacation?