June 2011

Dr. Pepper Promo Continues

Most Sims 3 players noticed the Dr. Pepper promo last year. I seem to recall that EA was hyping the tie-in pretty heavily, both through their website and through the Launcher. The promo ran until December 31st, although it fell off most people's radar long before that.
But earlier this week I happened to pop into a nearby convenience store to grab a soda. (I often stop for soda at this particular store because they have Diet Dr. Pepper on tap SUPER YUM!) And what did I find but Dr. Pepper/EA branded cups at the fountain!

Generations: First Impressions

I picked up the latest Sims 3 expansion pack, "Generations" this weekend. My initial impression is that the effects of this expansion pack are not as immediately apparent as those of other expansions. But that those effects run deep, and are both more subtle and more pervasive than any expansion pack yet. This one kinda sneaks up on you. And I have a feeling that after you have played with it installed for a week or two, you won't believe you could ever have lived without it!