July 2011

Generations: New Lifetime Rewards

I was surprised recently when I clicked to view the available Lifetime Rewards, and found a bunch of new options! These were added with the Generations expansion pack. There are nine new Rewards, more than any other expansion pack has added to date.
Hover Bed (20,000 points)
This one may not be very useful for game play, but it's pretty neat! The hover bed is one of the few actual objects you can obtain with Lifetime Happiness points. It's a bed that looks science fiction-y, and also it hovers. You get a +10 positive moodlet while sleeping in it.

Sims 3 Generations Gnomes Get Busy!

I had no idea that the gnomes did anything different in the Generations expansion pack, until someone left a comment a little while ago asking how to get the gnomes married. And I was all like, "Gnomes don't get married! What are you talking about, crazy internet person!"
But I looked into it, and wow! Gnomes in the Generations expansion pack do all that and more!
1. More Mobile
Many players report that their gnomes are a lot more frisky after installing the Generations expansion pack. People have reported that their gnomes (all different sorts) have been found gathered together at night, and that they clustered around a Sim who was telling a ghost story.

Sims 3 Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties were introduced with the Generations expansion pack. Get ready for some mildly salacious fun! And word to the wise: as in real life, it is not wise to invite your fiancée!
After your Sim gets engaged but before they get married, they will have the opportunity to throw a Bachelor/ette party (depending on their gender, obviously). You can hold it either at home or at a venue, and invite guests, as with any other party.

The Gothique Library & Spell Book

The spell book is one of the first "extra actions" items for sale in the Sims 3 online store. You can buy the Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book 'o Spells as a stand-alone item (500 Sim Points, or $5) or as part of the Gothique Library set (1,200 Sim Points, or $12).
I bought the entire set, primarily because I was curious about the Gothique Library that comes with it. The description made it sound like it might have a secret tomb or adventures or something.

Sims 3 lost my family data

i was vacationing in egypt and when the world loaded i found that i had no sims on the left, no money, no lifetime wish... etc. I went out into city edit mode and placed a family in an egyptian house. Then i went to the main menu and loaded that same world, the game let me choose an EGYPTIAN house hold to live in :O. yes thats right........ i am permanantly vacationing in egypt. except i dont think i can use my appliances in my house

Sims 3 Reputation: Mysterious and Annoying

One of the most puzzling and least understood aspects of the Generations expansion pack is the Reputation system. Frankly, I didn't even know about Reputation until I had been playing Generations for nearly a month!
Call me slow on the uptake, but I first heard about it when the game declared my monogamous couple "Eternally Faithful." This gave them a permanent mood bonus, one which persists in the husband even though the wife is long dead.