September 2011

Premium Store Content: Toilet and Wind Chimes

I ended up with some "leftover" SimPoints after buying Hidden Springs, so they caught me at a weak moment. When I fired up my Sims 3 Launcher, one of the featured items was a fancy new toilet. Who could resist? While I was there, I bought the new wind chimes, too.
I'm a little fuzzy on how they define "premium content." Most of the items in the store (well, at least half) do stuff. The dish washer emits steam and makes a dishwasher-y noise, the toilets flush, the showers shower. What makes something "premium"? It seems to be kind of an arbitrary designation.

Sims 3 Motive Mobile: Best Car Ever!

The Generations expansion pack introduced a lot of new Lifetime Rewards. One of the most substantial new rewards is the Motive Mobile, which costs 45,000 Lifetime Happiness Points. Frankly, given what a powerful object it is, I think it probably should have cost more!
As with other reward objects (like the Map to the Stars or the Moodlet Manager) you can transfer the Motive Mobile to other Sims. You don't seem to be able to leave it in a parking spot for any of your household members to use, although maybe it's just that I haven't gotten the trick of that yet.

The Sims 3 Video Camera

One of the new objects introduced with the Generations expansion pack is a video camera that your Sims can use to record their various moments. I have to tell you, though, that it's driving me batty trying to figure this thing out and get it to work!
The video camera can be found under Electronics in Buy Mode. You may also want to buy a hard drive for it. The hard drive allows the video camera to take longer videos, and store more of them. I'm not really sure how this works, from a real-world perspective. I guess it's like the video game system that just has to be placed in proximity to a television in order to work!

Sims 3 Imaginary Friend: The Horror

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first Imaginary Friend ever since I bought the Generations expansion pack. My Sims haven't had many kids, and not all kids get an Imaginary Friend, so it took nearly a month in real time before I got one. And now that I have it, IT IS SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME.
I wasn't prepared for this thing to be so soul-suckingly terrifying. I'm not the only one who thinks so, right? Tell me I'm not alone in this.
Phase 1: The Toy
After a baby is born, or in my case after you adopt the baby, you get a pop-up notification that so-and-so has sent your new baby a toy. Check the mail, and the Imaginary Friend doll will automatically be added to your baby's inventory.

Hidden Springs: First Impressions

New worlds are always a little underwhelming. The only one that has REALLY been a change was Bridgeport, with its towering downtown skyscrapers (which turned out to just be regular houses with an unusually tall skin, and with elevators that were constantly breaking down, to boot).
I'd like to issue a challenge to the Sims 3 development team: give us something REALLY different. Forget trees and rocks and waterfalls. We've seen all that before. Give us alien planets, trees made of glass, a Narnia world where it's "always winter and never Christmas," a Waterworld surrounded by ocean with houses made of driftwood rafts, a space station floating in the void.

Divorce in The Sims 3

I had an odd experience with divorce in Sims 3 over the weekend. I didn't realize that Sims can divorce themselves! This is one of the few things that a Sim will do on their own, if they are in your playable family. Non-playable Sims will spontaneously get married, have babies, get divorced, take new jobs, etc. But your playable Sims will as a rule not make any life-changing decisions on their own.
Furthermore, I don't believe this is how it worked in The Sims or The Sims 2. You had a much easier time cheating on your spouse in The Sims, of course - as long as your spouse wasn't in the same room, you could do whatever you want. In The Sims 2, your spouse could find out what was happening as long as they were on the same lot when you engaged in hanky panky.

Mass Gnome Confusion

Of all the new facets introduced with the Sims 3 "Generations" expansion pack, the expanded gnome capacity is the one which vexes me the most. It has literally been keeping me up at nights. (Although not for very long. More like, "But I thought only the regular gnomes could zzzzzzzzzzz….")

Gnome Marriage
Put two gnomes near a Sim's wedding, and the gnomes will wed. This much we know. But what does that, like, mean?