November 2011

Zenyatta Horse Gnomes in Sims 3 Pets

They're everywhere!


If you have the Pets expansion pack, you may have noticed the new horse gnomes. And I say that tongue in cheek, because if you have played Pets for more than five minutes, you probably have a horse gnome. They are everywhere!
Traditionally, you had to go out and hunt gnomes. You could find them in the tombs, make one on the mad scientist bench, split them out of space rocks on the rock-breaking martial arts set, and so forth. It was an active process. You knew when you got a gnome. They didn't just, like appear out of nowhere.

Unicorn Skills in Sims 3 Pets

Bless, curse, teleport, and more!
I gave an overview of unicorns in my last post, but I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into their special skills. Unlike any of the other "alternate life forms" that the Sims has introduced, unicorns can actually do a lot of interesting, useful stuff!
All of the following will tap some of your unicorn's magic power. This power regenerates itself automatically. It doesn't hurt your unicorn to run low (or briefly out) of power, although they get a negative moodlet when it happens. Basically it just means that you can't ignite 20 fires in a row.
Bless Fauna
Unicorns can bless and curse both fauna (animals) and flora (plants). "Bless Fauna" gives a Sim, cat, dog, horse, or other animal a +40 positive moodlet for 8 hours. The blessed animal also sparkles during this time. 40 is a pretty strong moodlet! 

Sims 3 Unicorns

It's just as awesome to own a unicorn as you always thought it would be!
The Pets expansion pack has a lot to appeal to the inner eight year old girl in all of us. (And to the actual eight year old girls playing the games - shout out to my younger gaming pals!) But surely the top contender, like heroin to a junkie, is the unicorns.
Actual unicorns that you can pet and ride and brush and adopt and breed and pretty pretty pretty!
Unicorns have several special animations. They leave behind a sparkly trail when they gallop, their coat shines, they emit rainbows when they eat or drink, and more. The list of unicorn talents is also long: Theyhave the ability to Bless and Curse things, can set fire to structures, teleport, cure other curses, and extinguish fires. And finally, they have an unusually long lifespan: somewhere around 120 days, compared to about 60 days for a horse.

Sims 3 Wild Horses

Born freeeee....
In addition to the domesticated horses you can buy and breed, and the unicorns (more on those later), the Pets expansion pack will also add a small herd of wild horses to your town. These herds seem to hold steady at between 3 and 5 horses, and they also seem to follow the standard story progression, with horses dying of old age, and repopulating by having foals.
One notable feature of wild horses is that they are particularly attractive, especially when compared to the randomized "townie" horses. All of the wild horses I have seen so far seem to have been created with a great deal of game designer intervention. 

Sims 3 Horse Breeding

There are three ways to get a new horse in the Sims 3 Pets expansion:
1. Adoption
Use your cell phone or the computer to contact the adoption agency. Unlike with people Sims, you will have the ability to choose which horse you want to adopt. There is usually a mix of foals and adult horses, and a variety of skills. The adoption fee varies depending on how good the horse is.