August 2012

Moving your Sims 3 game to a new computer

Time consuming, but hopefully painless if you plan ahead.

I recently bought a new laptop, and gosh it's great. But I'll tell you, it has been a real chore to migrate all my Sims 3 stuff over to the new computer. You don't really realize how much Sims 3 stuff you accumulate over the years until you are faced with having to pack it all up and install it on a new computer!

The first thing you should do is bundle up your old family. Do you want to move just your playable Sims to the new computer, or do you want to move your entire town? 
If you only want to move your Sims, then the easiest thing to do is upload them to the Exchange. Fire up your game on your old computer, go to Edit Town, click on your family, then click on the "Share" button that looks like a strange windmill. Once this is done, open your Launcher, go to the Uploads section, and upload your family to the Exchange.

EA'S push to sell more stuff

How many expansion packs and stand-alone towns will the market bear?

It's not your imagination, Sims players: EA has pushed out more stuff for players to buy than ever before. Many players feel like EA is trying to milk the franchise for all it's worth. Personally I suspect that the more stuff they put out there, the less anyone will end up buying.

The latest release is Sunlit Tides. I follow Sims news pretty closely, and even I didn't understand that this was a standalone town (world) until today. Like Lucky Palms (released June 2012), Lunar Lakes (released February 2012), and Barnacle Bay (September 2010) Sunlit Tides is a stand-alone live-in world (i.e. not a vacation world) that you can buy for your Sims to move to, if you have grown tired of the towns that ship with the game.
It's difficult to figure out how the EA producers are justifying these stand-alone worlds. After all, if you buy an expansion pack, it comes with a new world. Pets came with Appaloosa Plains, Supernatural will come with Moonlight Falls (September 2012), and Seasons will surely include a town as well.

All the seasons, all the fun

Seasons expansion pack looks great!

The more I hear about the upcoming Seasons expansions pack, the more excited I get. I know I think this every time, but I wonder if this might be the richest addition to gameplay yet.

The official Sims 3 community blog has started posting about all the new stuff by season. So far they have only written about summer, but it looks amazing. Also, it makes me very glad that I recently bought a new computer, because I am pretty sure that the Seasons expansion pack is going to make a lot of players' computers cry.
I don't really remember summer from Sims 2, except that it was the season when you were most likely to get thunderstorms. Summer wasn't very memorable in Sims 2, I guess, but in Sims 3 summer brings the potential for high temperatures and heat waves. 
The temperature can change over the course of a day, meaning that in order to remain comfortable, your Sim may need to dress in warm clothes in the morning, and switch to lightweight summer clothes in the afternoon. I assume this means that each Sim will have a new collection of outfits you can plan and switch into. Personally I get a little tired of having to customize every single outfit, but I like the idea of having special seasonal outfits that you only see on your Sim occasionally.

Sims 3 Master Romancer: Part Two

Vicky Lee's love life

Vicky Lee has already romanced two Sims in a short amount of time.  Yet that is not enough to satisfy her.  She wants to become a Master Romancer, and in order to reach that lifetime goal she needs to work her charms on three more Sims.  Not only that, but she also must find a unique location to 'woohoo' with each one of them.

While chilling at one of Bridgeport’s parks, Vicky Lee ran into Buster Rounds.  She introduced herself in a charming fashion.  Then quickly became friends with him.  The next day, Vicky invited Buster to meet her at the theatre.  Once there, Vicky used her hopeless romantic trait to help her quickly become Buster’s romantic interest.  Next she suggested that they tour the theatre together and woohooed with him there.

Next Sims 3 Expansion: Seasons

With the new Supernatural expansion pack's release practically around the corner (it is scheduled to be released on September 4 in North America) it looks like we have already gotten a tip about the next one. Online computer retailer published a pre-release page for a Sims 3 expansion pack called Seasons, with a release date of November 13.

I'm pretty confident that Seasons will indeed be the next expansion pack. I don't think we have yet seen a scenario where a retailer published an order page too early, where it turned out not to be real. (If I were EA I would be pretty mad about all of these leaks… I think every expansion pack so far has been leaked when some retailer, often a non-US Amazon site, published their order page too early.)