October 2012

Hunting as a Sims 3 werewolf pack

It's not easy!

Over the weekend I was finally able to get some time in to play with an adult werewolf in The Sims 3 (Supernatural expansion pack). I have to say, the "hunt as a pack" feature is nothing like I thought it would be.

Some things are ridiculously easy in The Sims 3. Advancing in your career and accumulating large amounts of money are almost impossible NOT to do. But anything involving a group of Sims, whether it's an off-site party or a group outing, is insanely difficult. That's been my experience, anyway! Half the time the whole thing is cancelled before it can even get started.
That is the situation you face if you want to hunt as a pack. Yes, it is true that your pack members do not have to be household members. But each time you want to go on a hunt, you have to invite each person to join your pack individually. From that point, it's basically a group outing where everyone runs around on all fours.

Sims 3 werewolves


It's been a full month since I got the Supernatural expansion pack, and I still have not talked about werewolves either. For shame! Really though, it's just a great example of why this is the best expansion pack so far. Most of the expansion packs, I was already getting sick of talking about them after a month. But there is still a lot I haven't explored in Supernatural yet.

There are four ways your Sim can become a werewolf: they can be born that way (werewolves mating with non-werewolves have a 50 percent chance of throwing a werewolf baby), you can drink the Bottled Curse of the Lycan (which you can make with the Alchemy skill, or buy at the consignment store), you can receive the curse by requesting a bite from another werewolf (you must have a high relationship with them for this request to be granted), or you can build a werewolf in Create-A-Sim.
(It's so much easier than becoming a werewolf in The Sims 2! I never did have the patience to get my relationship high enough with the pack leader to get a werewolf in that game.)

Sims 3 fairy powers

An interesting (and pretty!) new life state in Supernatural

It's been just over a month since I installed the Supernatural expansion pack, and I am still finding new and interesting stuff to explore. I recently added my first fairy to the family, and it has been a real kick playing with her and figuring out all the cool stuff about fairies.

The most obvious characteristic of fairies is the wings. These come in a variety of colors and styles. They add a nice bit of extra flair to the game, but I find that the animations suffer from pretty bad clipping problems. For example, when my fairy is sleeping, you can see her wings poking out the bottom of the bed. But the EA developers were clever enough to make them sparkly virtual ethereal floaty-type wings, which makes it a little less weird when they stick out the back of whatever shirt you dress them in.
Fairies can eat, sleep, and live in a regular house no problem. But if you buy a fairy house, they can also eat, sleep and party in there. They shrink to a little dot of light (Tinkerbell style) in order to fit into the fairy house. 

When party animals get married

Know the perks they enjoy.

After Vicky Lee married Bruce Chan, she was ready to start a family.  So within a short amount of time, she had given birth to a daughter by the name of Beverly Chan. Since Vicky Lee was so great at raising her daughter, I was able to pick all of Beverly’s traits. One of the traits that I decided to give to Beverly was the party animal trait.

Sims 3 Philosopher's Stone

Turns ordinary objects into gold ingots.

As anyone who has read their Harry Potter knows, the Philosopher's Stone is a hypothetical item used by alchemists to turn lead into gold. Many people searched for the fabled Philosopher's Stone back in medieval times, or so the legends would have us believe. Now you can have one of your own in The Sims 3, assuming you have the Supernatural expansion pack installed.

There are two ways to obtain the Philosopher's Stone. The first is to purchase it with Lifetime Happiness points. At 40,000 Lifetime Happiness points it can take a while to earn enough to buy it, but it is certainly possible to do so within a Sim's lifetime, given a bit of time and attention.
The second way is through a special Opportunity chain that is offered to Alchemy students. When you hit the higher levels of the Alchemy skill you will receive Alchemy-related Opportunities. Much like the Omniplant and the SimBot, if you complete the full Opportunity chain, you will have this magical item bestowed upon your family inventory.