November 2012

Death by meteor

It can happen when you least expect it.

In the Sims 3 game, there are numerous ways for your Sims to die.  If you have the Ambitions expansion pack, then death by meteor is a real possibility for your Sim.  During my time playing the game, I have witnessed one death by meteor.

During Beveerly Chan’s elderly years, she decided to dabble into a new profession. She became a magician, and was often out and about at the various parks in town. 

One day, I had her drive over to a beautiful park in Hidden Springs to perform for some tips. There was hardly any other Sims there. Nonetheless, I had her continue performing, since I figured it would only be a matter of time before more Sims arrived at the park. 

The Sims official magazine for iPad

Pretty good, if slightly crash-y

I was intrigued to learn that the Sims team has an official magazine out for iPad. I figured it would probably just basically be a flimsy marketing brochure, but I gave it a shot anyway. And to my surprise, it genuinely is a whole entire, fairly awesome magazine.

But… it's a magazine that crashes.
I'll be honest with you: I laughed. Now THAT is the full Sims 3 experience! And it does point out a down side to an iPad-only version of a magazine. Then again, physical magazines get destroyed or thrown away or left on the bus all the time; it's not as if they are infallible.
Also, I doubt that EA would have produced a physical magazine for free. They would have had to charge something for it. Whereas this magazine is entirely free (as long as you have already purchased an iPad, obviously).