January 2013

Picking Sims 3 wildflowers for fun and profit

This Seasons feature can mean big bucks!

One of the many new features that comes with the Seasons expansion pack is the existence of wildflowers. These join the ranks of gems, rocks, and insects as collectibles that can bring in lots of Simoleons if you set out to find and sell them. Although unlike the other collectibles, wildflowers do not show up on the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward object. This can make them harder to find, but the challenge is worth it!

Multiple would-be players....only one ipad2 :((

Okay...basically I would like to know if you can have multi accounts on one device (iPad2). My dude and I would both like to play, but can't figure it out. Please help. Please send a response to lmt1974@icloud.com, as I cannot fully sign in to this site (some kind of bug) and I cannot see the postings. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanx!

Sims 3 Seasons: Holidays and parties

Gifts, silly costumes and more

One of the more delightful and also slippery aspects of Seasons is the special holidays. Not every season has a party, and not every holiday has a party. Some parties you would want to hold in some seasons but not others. Given that each season only lasts seven days (at the default settings) it can be a tricky bit of timing to get everything lined up just right. But that's the fun part of the challenge!