December 2013

Sims 3 Roaring Heights

Gatsby-era Art Deco new town
Right on schedule it seems, EA has released a new town for The Sims 3. 
(I am curious, did this town get rushed into production after they pushed back the Sims 4 release date? Originally Sims 4 was going to be released in "early 2014" and I assume they were going to stop developing new content for Sims 3. But now Sims 4 has been pushed back to "late 2014" and we have a new town. I don't know, I guess it doesn't matter. I just wonder about this stuff.)

Sims 3 Legacy Statues

Sorting out some of the confusion
One of the most confusing aspects of the Into the Future expansion pack is the topic of Legacy Statues. These objects are unusual for the Sims franchise in many ways. 
The underlying idea of the Legacy Statues is that your Sim uses their sneaky knowledge of the future to go back to the present and influence the future. Like any time traveler would, carrying stock tips and sports scores back to their present day and make billions.  

All about the Sims 3 jetpack

New transportation mode from Into the Future
There are a lot of fun and interesting additions with the Into the Future expansion pack. One of the most promising - and also the most dangerous - is the jetpack. A staple of classic science fiction, the jetpack makes traveling across the map fast, and it increases your Advanced Technology skill, but there is a significant chance of death, particularly for new jetpack users.