February 2016

Dining Out may be coming next to The Sims 4

More expansion pack rumors!

A Late Night-like expansion pack may be next for The Sims 4, as teased by one of the game's producers on Twitter. A Sims blogger Tweeted producer Dave Miotke @SimGuruNinja to ask what the next game pack would be. Miotke responded "Hang in there! I know you're hungry for news & I can't wait to serve up some fresh info soon!"

Crack that whip!

Dealing with employees in the Get to Work expansion pack

My Sim's store was doing great business. I had switched from cupcakes to high-value chicken statues. Strangely enough, the $425 chicken statues had the same sell-through rate as the cupcakes. I guess Sims are just as happy to buy a $425 chicken statue as they are a cupcake.