November 2017

A Review of Sims 4 on Xbox One

Sul sul!

I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of The Sims 4 on console. I realize I'm the only one, but I'm okay with that. In recent years, I have become increasingly a console gamer, to the point where it feels weird to play video games on my computer. I also have trouble concentrating on a video game when I play on PC, because I have so many other distractions - constant alerts, social notifications, websites to check on, etc. When I'm on the console, I can just kick back and focus.

Sims Mobile delayed until spring 2018

Unsurprising, but disappointing

 During EA's earnings call this week, Andrew Wilson (CEO of EA) announced that The Sims Mobile, which was originally scheduled to be released worldwide this fall, has been pushed back to a launch date of spring 2018.

The Sims games have a long history of launch date pushbacks, so this is hardly unexpected. Nevertheless, it's a disappointing delay for a game which was announced early this year as "coming soon."