April 2018

Home Street review: First look

A surprisingly complex time-gated mobile game

 If you're looking for a Sims-like mobile game, and your phone is too outdated to play The Sims Mobile, I suggest you give Home Street a try. (Nothing personal, by the way. My phone AND tablet are both too outdated for Sims Mobile, and both of them are less than two years old. Sims Mobile's system requirements are a bit ridiculous.)

How to handle a lot of toddlers in The Sims 4

So many temper tantrums!

 I recently adopted six babies on a whim, and boy has this been a whirlwind. I did it for an Xbox achievement, and I assumed that Sim Child Protective Services would soon arrive to take away all my "extra" babies. But no - my Sims have been able to care for their babies just well enough to avoid having them taken away by Sim CPS. More's the pity.