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Sims 4 Pets rumors dismissed as fake

Officially denied

 As you may have recently read, a Slovakian retailer stirred up the Sims 4 community by posting a pre-order listing for The Sims4: Pets. The listing was quickly removed, but the rumor mill had already churned up into overdrive. Was this finally the confirmation so many of us have been waiting for? And the release date of November 2017 - that's practically around the corner!

Dining Out may be coming next to The Sims 4

More expansion pack rumors!

A Late Night-like expansion pack may be next for The Sims 4, as teased by one of the game's producers on Twitter. A Sims blogger Tweeted producer Dave Miotke @SimGuruNinja to ask what the next game pack would be. Miotke responded "Hang in there! I know you're hungry for news & I can't wait to serve up some fresh info soon!"

EA'S push to sell more stuff

How many expansion packs and stand-alone towns will the market bear?

It's not your imagination, Sims players: EA has pushed out more stuff for players to buy than ever before. Many players feel like EA is trying to milk the franchise for all it's worth. Personally I suspect that the more stuff they put out there, the less anyone will end up buying.

The latest release is Sunlit Tides. I follow Sims news pretty closely, and even I didn't understand that this was a standalone town (world) until today. Like Lucky Palms (released June 2012), Lunar Lakes (released February 2012), and Barnacle Bay (September 2010) Sunlit Tides is a stand-alone live-in world (i.e. not a vacation world) that you can buy for your Sims to move to, if you have grown tired of the towns that ship with the game.
It's difficult to figure out how the EA producers are justifying these stand-alone worlds. After all, if you buy an expansion pack, it comes with a new world. Pets came with Appaloosa Plains, Supernatural will come with Moonlight Falls (September 2012), and Seasons will surely include a town as well.

Sims 3 Pets: The Jumping Skill

Eventually you can jump through fire! (Or try to...)
To learn jumping, you will begin with a set of cavaletti trainers. These are short poles just a few inches off the ground which are used (in real life and in Sims 3) to train both horse and rider in the fundamentals of jumping. As with all jumps, you can either buy some and set them up on your home lot, or you can go to the Training Center and use the equipment there.
The jumps themselves come in several different varieties and level of difficulty. The most difficult jump is the Ring of Fire, which is apparently also somewhat dangerous!
It seems that the sleep cycles of horses and their owners are always out of sync. Luckily, both horse and owner can train independently! You can control your horse then click on the jumps to have your horse train to improve their jumping skill. When the horse is asleep or exhausted, you can train your Sim either by having them read the Riding skill books or by taking classes at the Equestrian Center rabbit hole.


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